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All the content on this page can be used in ts12 SP1, TS19 (Compatibility mode max) and TS22 (Compatibility mode max) .

Due to the remove of Compatibility mode out of tane the content will not work anymore.

Rene Verellen laat in mijn map op de ftp een berichtje, met dank. Bent u nog bezig met de lijn Antwerpen Brussel ?


Rhatische-Bahn 2019 phase 1 is now on the site thanx to gm.

We have released the tane version from witte46 Ratische-Bhan, it is still unfinished. Read the description here:


We have a new download the NMBS AR40.

Thanx to Paul van Hutten.


We regret to inform you that Witte46 passed away. We wish the family and friends a lot of strength.
The site will remain open.


We heve noticed that if you install our content and let everything overrite instead of reverting, you end up with faulty dependencies: here you can find the repaired ones:
Fixed Content for later versions of trainz


There is a new error popping up in TS19, when content has autoanimation 1 in the config.txt, but no animation file, it will give you an error.

You can fix this by changing 1 to a 0 or remove the line from the config.txt

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